GAUGE-IntelliJ-003 : Steps marked as unimplemented

If steps have implementation code and are still marked as unimplemented:

  • Ensure that src/test/java directory is marked as test sources root in the project. Right click on the src/test/java directory and select Mark Directory as -> Test sources root
  • Ensure the project is compiling. Press ctrl/cmd + F9 to build project or select Build -> Make project.
  • Ensure Module SDK is set to a valid JDK under Module settings.
  • Restart Intellij or close and reopen the project.

Check dependencies

For a gauge maven project

  • The gauge-java dependency should be added in the pom.xml
  • Enable auto-import for the project. Under File > Settings > Maven > Importing, mark the checkbox Import Maven projects automatically.

For a simple gauge java project

  • Under Project Settings -> Modules select the gauge module. Under the dependencies tab should be gauge-lib and project-lib.
  • If not present restart Intellij or close and re-open project. They should be added