GAUGE-VS-001 : Gauge API Not StartedΒΆ

Gauge-Visualstudio support requires gauge.exe to run as a daemon. Hence, Gauge-Visualstudio tries to launch gauge as a child Process with the same working directory as the project. Sometimes this can fail. Here are things to watch out:

  1. Ensure latest Gauge is installed and available in PATH. You can install gauge from here.
  2. Ensure that the latest Gauge CSharp plugin is installed. Since you are using Gauge + VisualStudio, it is assumed that you are using Gauge + CSharp, and this requires the gauge-csharp plugin to be installed. Run gauge install csharp in your Command Prompt to get the latest plugin.
  3. Verify (1) and (2) above by running gauge version in your Command Prompt.
  4. Allow gauge.exe via Windows Firewall, if you have firewall enabled. You also need to allow gauge to use port range 46337-46997 in the firewall, since this is the port number that Gauge-Visualstudio uses by default.
  5. If port range 46337-46997 has a conflict for some reason, or you cannot allow these ports in Windows Firewall, you can tell Gauge-Visualstudio to use a different port by setting it in Tools->Options->Gauge->API Options in Visual Studio. Ensure that the port set in this setting is white-listed in your firewall.