Quick start


  • JDK 6+ / .NET framework / Ruby 2.0+ is installed
  • Gauge is installed.
  • Language runner is installed.

Creating a Project

Follow the instructions for the respective language below. On getting the message of Successfully initialized the project, one should be able to run the specifications.

gauge init csharp
gauge init java
gauge init ruby


Refer Project Structure for files that get created for all languages.

Running the specs

gauge run specs

The details of the run are displayed on the command line followed by a statistics summary.


Refer Executing tests for more details.

Interpret results

The console report would give you the details of the run

Specifications: (w) executed    (x) passed  (y) failed  (z) skipped
Scenarios:      (a) executed    (b) passed  (c) failed  (d) skipped

The statistics of the scenarios indicate

Value Description
(a) total number of scenarios executed.
(b) total number of scenarios passed.
(c) total number of scenarios failed.
(d) total number of scenarios skipped.

The statistics of the specifications indicate

Value Description
(w) total number specifications executed.
(x) total number specifications with all scenarios passed.
(y) total number specifications with atleast one scenario failed.
(z) total number specifications with all scenarios skipped.

Check various supported formats for Reports.